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Ima da kara, Shinsaku Drama Tsukutemimashita

Special / Ima da kara, Shinsaku Drama Tsukutemimashita /

Ima da kara, Shinsaku Drama Tsukutemimashita (2020)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2020
Air Dates May 4, 2020 – May 8, 2020
Episodes 3
Runtime 30
Timeslot Monday, Tuesday, Friday at 11:40 pm
Network(s) NHK
Licensed No
Native Title 今だから、新作ドラマ作ってみました
English Title Now, I made a new drama


Due to COVID-19, these specials were filmed without ever meeting in person. From meetings and rehearsals to the actual recording, three new stories are told.


Night 1: 心はホノルル、彼にはピーナツバター

Following Goro’s job transfer, Kanbayashi Goro and Morimoto Chiaki cancel their spring Hawaiian wedding. With a loneliness that they can’t meet, the two begin to video chat, but a slight misunderstanding exposes the gap between the two, and a crisis turns into a catastrophe.


Night 2: さよならMyWay!!!

Shishido Michio just lost his wife of 40 years to a stroke. He suddenly receives a video call on his work computer, and a ghostly version of his wife, Maiko, presents him with divorce papers.


Night 3: 転・コウ・生

Due to the stay-at-home order, 3 people have been unable to meet. A rare event occurs where all three of their souls are switched! Will they be able to return to their original bodies?




  • Maeda Aki as Morimoto Chiaki
  • Lead Role
  • Night 1



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