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Doctor Y 6 – Gekai Kaji Hideki

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Special / Doctor Y 6 – Gekai Kaji Hideki /

Doctor Y 6 – Gekai Kaji Hideki (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2021
Air Dates Oct 7, 2021
Episodes 1
Runtime 114
Timeslot Thursday at 8:00 pm
Network(s) TV Asahi
Official Site
Licensed No


A huge hurdle stands in the way of super doctor Kaji Hideki who is called the “laparoscope magician”. He currently works at Yokohama Branch Hospital which is affiliated to Teito Medical University, but he surprisingly keeps making mistakes in his forte – laparoscopic surgery. These days, Kaji’s eyes have gone bad. His back also hurts. Old age has set in and he is no longer able to perform surgeries the way he wants although he pretends the situation does not exist. Kaji is sounded out by the hospital’s director Uechi Masato about a director post at a branch hospital on an outlying island although it is in truth a notice of discharge. In addition, his girlfriend Egashira Sanae, who works as Uechi’s secretary, chucks him for an entrepreneur Muguruma Kohei with a huge personal fortune but only has six months to live. That is simply adding insult to injury. Meanwhile, Muguruma refuses to be hospitalized as he wants to carry out his unfinished business until his last moment. For some reason, Kaji is designated his private doctor. Even though he does not have much time left, Muguruma talks positively about the future and tries to achieve what he wants to do. Seeing him like this, Kaji who had been weighed down by his own limitations, starts to develop feelings that he cannot articulate. At this juncture, Muguruma’s condition suddenly deteriorates. He finally realizes that his time will soon be up. Kaji urges him to get hospitalized. However, Muguruma rejects him outright, declaring that there is one more thing that he wants to do – a very important thing…





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