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Aru Hi, Shimokitazawa de

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Special / Aru Hi, Shimokitazawa de /

Aru Hi, Shimokitazawa de (2024)

6 stars 2 reviews

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2024
Air Dates Mar 17, 2024
Episodes 1
Timeslot Sunday at 7:00 pm
Network(s) Tokyo MX
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ある日下北沢で
English Title One Day in Shimokitazawa


Airi works at a small record shop in the town of Shimokitazawa. One day, while at a nearby thrift store, Airi encounters a shoplifting incident. The shoplifter apprehended by the detective explains that they stole the T-shirt to sell it and make money to buy a rare record. The elusive record the shoplifter was searching for is a mythical record called a “Ghost Record,” a nonexistent record conjured by the desires of record collectors. After hearing the title was called “One Day In SHIMOKITAZAWA,” Airi becomes interested in the record and eventually falls victim to a scam on a website selling “One Day In SHIMOKITAZAWA.” Seeing Airi distressed by the scam, the people of Shimokitazawa come up with an idea…





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2 Reviews for Aru Hi, Shimokitazawa de

  • Robert Morel
    April 10, 2024
    robertmorelaz’s review – Aru Hi, Shimokitazawa de
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  • Chaska
    April 12, 2024
    lovetune’s review – Aru Hi, Shimokitazawa de
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