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Tokyo MX

One Day in Shimokitazawa

Airi works at a small record shop in Shimokitazawa. While contemplating whether to stay in the area, she witnesses a shoplifting incident at a nearby thrift store. The shoplifter, caught by a detective, reveals they… Read More »One Day in Shimokitazawa

Sugar Sugar Honey

Adapted from a manga. A love story between Kaji, a genius pâtissière and Mizuki, a former marathon runner / dessert-lover who becomes his taste tester after she starts working at the same hotel.

Onegai Meshigamisama

The story centers around Sakura Meme (Asakura Momo), a masked manga artist, who can hear the “voices” of food. As a result she gets hints and ideas for her stories through a variety of dishes… Read More »Onegai Meshigamisama

Oishii Kyushoku

A school gourmet comedy that depicts the battle over school lunches between a lunch-loving teacher and his student.