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Hikari TV

Junkissa Inyeon

The story of ‘Junkissa Inyeon’ unfolds at a retro café situated on the outskirts of a shopping district, revolving around the handsome Korean master, Shiu, and the various visitors who frequent the place. At this… Read More »Junkissa Inyeon

Kudokimonku wa Kimeteiru

A story of five imaginary boyfriends and food that Ko fantasizes about.

Kimi to no Choshoku wa Kimeteiru

Kudokimonku wa Kimeteiru’s spin-off drama. The pretend boyfriends make breakfast for Ko, and the two eat together.


Five years have passed since the “Dominan Incident.” After graduating from high school, Nao passed the employment examination and became a police officer. However, she had to resign because of her mother‘s illness, and Kotone… Read More »Actress

Koshodo Monogatari

Set in an old bookstore “Yumeneko,” this omnibus mystery story is composed of five episodes, in which girls who visit the store start reading a mystery novel recommended by the owner and are transported back… Read More »Koshodo Monogatari