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Koshodo Monogatari

Drama / Koshodo Monogatari /

Koshodo Monogatari (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2023
Air Dates Apr 12, 2023 – Jun 13, 2023
Episodes 10
Timeslot Tuesday at 12:00 pm
Network(s) Hikari TV, Lemino
Licensed No
Native Title 古書堂ものがたり


Set in an old bookstore “Yumeneko,” this omnibus mystery story is composed of five episodes, in which girls who visit the store start reading a mystery novel recommended by the owner and are transported back in time to the world of the novel, where they confront various riddles, ranging from heinous crimes to sometimes touching, heartwarming events.

The story also depicts the girls’ growth as individuals as they find answers to the problems and struggles they face in the real world by interacting with the people they meet in the time-slipped world of the novel.





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