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Yoru, Tori-tachi ga Naku

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Yoru, Tori-tachi ga Naku (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2022
Release Date Dec 9, 2023
Runtime 114
Distributor Klockworx Company
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 夜、鳥たちが啼く.
English Title Night, Birds Scream


While he debuted young, Shinichi’s (Yamada Yuki) once promising start as a novelist fizzled into a career that never took off. Still, he tirelessly pours effort into a story written in his image only to toss the draft before starting from scratch again. Night after night, he repeats this process as an act much like self-harm. Yuko (Matsumoto Marika), too – a single mother to her young son Akira – wrestles with her own conflicts. Newly divorced, she struggles to balance satisfying loneliness and the desire to be a strong parent, heading out every night in search of casual flings.

As two adults stumbling to take necessary steps forward, they find themselves in an unusual semi-cohabitation when Shinichi opens his home to Yuko and her son. Akira, feeling his father’s absence, grows close with the failed writer as Yuko keeps her distance until one night changes everything.





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1 Reviews for Yoru, Tori-tachi ga Naku

  • Incubo
    May 26, 2024
    Incubo’s review – Yoru, Tori-tachi ga Naku
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