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Wood Job!

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Wood Job! (2014)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2014
Release Date May 10, 2014
Runtime 116
Distributor Toho
Licensed No
Native Title 神去なあなあ日常
English Title Wood Job!
Alternate Title(s) Kamusari naa naa Nichijō


The story revolves around Yuki Hirano (played by Shota Sometani), who, after failing his university entrance examinations and being left by his girlfriend, decides to join a forestry training program on seeing an attractive female face (Nagasawa) on a promotional leaflet.[2] The program is difficult, and while he wants to quit, he continues. Many others from the program drop out. Initially being skeptical of the newcomer, the villagers grow to like him and accept him as one of their own.



  • Yuka as Iida Miki
  • Support Role



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