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Watashi ni Fusawashii Hotel

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Watashi ni Fusawashii Hotel (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2024
Release Date Dec 31, 2024
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Licensed No
Native Title 私にふさわしいホテル
English Title Hotel Suitable For Me


Release date TBA. Due to be released in December 2024.
Non stars as Kayoko, a struggling new writer, who, despite winning a newcomer award, was unable to publish her novel due to harsh criticism from leading established author Higashijuujo Munenori. Should she leave this grudge behind? With this determination in mind, Kayoko checks into her dream hotel, the Yamanoue Hotel. To her surprise, staying in the room directly above hers is none other than Higashijujou! With the help of her former university senior and editor, Kayoko sabotages Higashijujou’s writing, causing him to miss his deadline for the literary magazine. However, this marks the beginning of even greater misfortune and trials for Kayoko… The fateful showdown between Kayoko and Higashijujou takes an unpredictable turn that no one could have expected.



  • Non as Kayoko
  • Lead Role



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