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Watakushi Domo wa

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Watakushi Domo wa (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2023
Release Date Oct 25, 2023
Runtime 101
Distributor Happinet Phantom Studio
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title わたくしどもは。
English Title Who Were We?


A woman with no memory of her past wakes up. Kii, who works as a cleaner at the mine, finds her collapsed inside the facility and takes her to a home that is already home to two other girls. Since she is unable to remember her name, she is given the name Midori, and begins to work as a cleaner at the facility. There, she meets Ao, a man who lives and works on the premises as a night guard. He also has no memory of his past, and Midori or recollection of who he is. As the two draw closer, they start to feel the world they inhabit feels different. Eventually, Midori encounters Murasaki, who seems to know Ao, and the true identities of those around her is slowly unveiled.





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