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Side by Side

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Side by Side (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2023
Release Date Apr 14, 2023
Runtime 130
Distributor Happinet Phantom Studio
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title サイド バイ サイド 隣にいる人


You meet him, know him, and think about him.
Miyama (Kentaro Sakaguchi) is a young man who can see “someone’s thoughts” that do not exist before his eyes. He uses his mysterious power to heal people suffering from physical ailments and traumas, and lives quietly with his girlfriend Shiori (Mikako Ichikawa), a nurse, and her daughter, Mimi (Amelie Isomura), while being close to those around him. One day, he begins to see a mysterious man (Kodai Asaka) “next” to him. Miyama traces this feeling, which is different from anything he has ever experienced before, and ends up far away in Tokyo. The man, a former musician, reveals his history with Miyama and tells him about an incident that happened with his ex-girlfriend, Riko (Asuka Saito). Through him, Miyama reunites with Riko, whom he has never seen since the incident. Miyama is confronted with the past that he has “left behind”…

Before long, Miyama’s secret begins to unravel. Who and where did he come from?



  • Asaka Kodai as Kusaka
  • Support Role
  • Main Character's junior
  • Asuka Saito as Riko
  • Support Role
  • Main Character's ex-girlfriend



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1 Reviews for Side by Side

  • lili
    February 23, 2024
    milili’s review – Side by Side
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