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Sakana no Ko

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Sakana no Ko (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2022
Release Date Sep 1, 2022
Runtime 139
Distributor Tokyo Theatres
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title さかなのこ
English Title The Fish Tale


Creatively based on the autobiography of the celebrity ichthyologist known as Sakana-kun, actress Non portrays the fish-obsessed Meebo. Whatever hour of the day, Meebo eats, sleeps, breathes and thinks about fish, and—although prompting some fatherly concern—it will not be a phase that will be outgrown. From childhood and into the budding adult years, the zeal for aquatic creatures is steadfast but not without obstacles as Meebo heads down a path toward becoming the “osakana taishi” of Japan. 



  • Non as Meebo
  • Lead Role
  • Kaho as Momoko
  • Support Role



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