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Radiation House: Gekijoban

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Radiation House: Gekijoban (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2022
Release Date Apr 29, 2022
Runtime 115
Distributor Toho
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 劇場版ラジエーションハウス
English Title Radiation House: The Movie


Igarashi Iori works as a radiographer at a general hospital. He has been depressed, because Amakasu An, whom he loves, has decided to travel abroad to Washington Medical University to improve her radiology skills.

The members of the Radiation House team try to keep Iori in good spirits as he counts the days to her departure.

However, at the same time, An learns that her father is in critical condition. Her father was the only practicing doctor at a small clinic on a remote island. Soon after An arrives to be beside her father, he passes away, leaving her with his final wish that she become a “doctor who sees the patients, not the illness.”

An decides to remain on the island for another day to take care of a patient her father really cared for. While there, a massive typhoon soon hits the island and a landslide then occurs. An unknown infectious disease spreads afterwards on the island. After hearing of An’s predicament, to save the suffering islanders and protect his colleagues, Iori makes a shocking decision.

What does the future hold for everyone?




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