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OUT (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2023
Release Date Nov 17, 2023
Runtime 129
Distributor Kadokawa Pictures
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title アウト
Theme songs:
  • "HIDEOUT" by JO1 (main)


Out is inspired by the experiences of Iguchi Tatsuya, who is also a real person and character from comedian Shinagawa Hiroshi’s 2006 novel, Drop.

It tells of the exciting life experienced by legendary delinquent Iguchi Tatsuya, just after he is released from juvenile detention. Once feared as the Mad Dog of Komae, he’s relocated to a new location in Nishi-Chiba, away from the bad influence of his old friends, and under the care of his aunt, where he is to start working at a yakiniku restaurant. Despite the warning that any sign of fighting will have him sent back to juvie, on the first day of release, he ends up in a confrontation with Kaname Abe.
Since Tatsuya wins the fight they agree to keep it a secret so Tatsuya won’t get into trouble, and nobody will know Kaname lost.
A friendship between the two deepens, and through his connection with Kaname, he also meets Imai Keiji and Tanzawa Atsushi, as well as Minagawa Chiro, whose older brother was once the leader of Kirihito but died in an altercation with another motorcycle gang.





Theme Song 1

  • JO1
  • "HIDEOUT" (Main)

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