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Kadokawa Pictures

Hebi no Michi

A man bent on revenge after his young beloved daughter is brutally murdered embarks on a revenge mission with the help of a mysterious partner… As the two kidnap a member of a certain foundation,… Read More »Hebi no Michi

Mina ni Sachi Are

When a nursing student (Furukawa Kotone) visits her grandparents in the countryside, their happy reunion does not last long when something in the home feels disconcertingly out of place…  


Although touting unification, Oda Nobunaga (Kase Ryo) is embroiled in a bitter and violent battle, and in the midst of war, retainer Araki Murashige (Endo Kenichi) incites mutiny before disappearing. Gathering vassals Akechi Mitsuhide (Nishijima… Read More »Kubi

Sadako vs Kayako

Yuri saw the video of Sadako calling her and saying that she would surely die two days later. Suzuka steps into a house hunted by a ghost called Kayako. It is said that people disappear… Read More »Sadako vs Kayako