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Mizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru

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Movie / Mizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru /

Mizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2023
Release Date Jun 9, 2023
Runtime 123
Distributor Happinet Phantom Studio
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 水は海に向かって流れる
English Title Water Flowing to the Sea
Theme songs:
  • "Tokimeki part 1" by Spitz (main)


Kumazawa Naotatsu (Ohnishi Riku) is about to start his first year of high school living under one very peculiar roof, unbeknownst to him. Coming to live with his uncle (Kora Kengo)out of consideration for the daily commute, he waits to be picked up at the nearest train station, but the one who greets him isn’t his uncle ­­­­­­­— it’s an unfamiliar, grumpy-faced woman named Sakaki (Hirose Suzu) who guides him to the house he’ll be sharing with an unconventional group of strangers: his uncle, an aspiring manga artist who recently quit work as a salary man; a cross-dressing fortune-teller (Tozuka Junki); a university professor (Namase Katsuhisa); Sakaki Chisa, the cold, unsmiling 26 year old OL; and a band of musicians.

And so Naotatsu’s venture into high school begins…

Based on Tajima Retto’s manga, Mizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru.



  • Kora Kengo as Utagawa Shigemichi
  • Support Role
  • Naotatsu's uncle
  • Tozuka Junki as Izumiya Hayate
  • Support Role
  • Kaede's older brother
  • Toma Ami as Izumiya Kaede
  • Support Role
  • Naotatsu's classmate and Hayate's sister
  • Sakai Maki as Takashima Sanae
  • Support Role
  • Chisa's mother



Theme Song 1

Theme Song 2

Theme Song 3

  • Spitz
  • "Tokimeki part 1" (Main)
  • "ときめきpart1"

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1 Reviews for Mizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru

  • Thyella
    March 12, 2024
    Thyella’s review – Mizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru
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