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Kurenazume (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2021
Release Date Apr 29, 2021
Runtime 96
Distributor Tokyo Theatres
Licensed No
Native Title くれなずめ
English Title Remain in Twilight


Six friends, who hanged out together during their high school days, gather again after 5 years for a friend’s wedding. The six friends are: Kazuki Yoshio (Ryo Narita), Tetsuya Akashi (Ryuya Wakaba), Taku Sogawa (Kenta Hamano), Taisei Tajima (Kisetsu Fujiwara), Yusaku Mizushima (Rikki Metsugi) and Kinichi Fujita (Kengo Kora).

At the wedding, the friends perform an embarrassing dance routine for the bride and groom. The friends reminisce about their high school days and they believe their friendships will last forever, but …





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