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Koizora 2007

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Koizora 2007 (2007)

8 stars 5 reviews

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2007
Release Date Nov 3, 2007
Runtime 129
Distributor Toho
Licensed No
Native Title 恋空
English Title Sky of Love
Theme songs:


During her freshman year in high school, Mika Tahara loses her cell phone, but later finds it in the school library with the help of an unknown caller. Throughout the summer, Mika and the mysterious caller continue to communicate, and agree to meet each other once school starts again. The caller turns out to be Hiro, a delinquent-like boy that Mika is initially afraid of, who shows proof of his identity as the caller with a photo of the sky on his cellular phone.

From her friends and through her first sexual encounter with Hiro, Mika learns that he had a girlfriend named Saki. Although Hiro reassures her that he broke up with her, Saki, who still is in love with Hiro, holds a vendetta against Mika and hires a group of men to rape her. The horrific encounter ends with Hiro and his older sister Minako punishing both the men and Saki, but Mika continues to be harassed at school when Saki spreads rumors about her. Hiro protects Mika from all of the bullying advances, but she assures him that she’s not frightened from being with him.


  • Aso Yumi as Sakurai Akemi
  • Support Role



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