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Kingdom 3: Unmei no Honoo

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Kingdom 3: Unmei no Honoo (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2023
Release Date Jul 28, 2023
Runtime 129
Distributor Toho
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title キングダム3 運命の炎
English Title Kingdom 3: Flame of Destiny
Alternate Title(s) Kingdom 3
Theme songs:


During the Spring and Autumn period, a time during which the Seven Kingdoms waged relentless wars, the orphaned Shin (Yamazaki Kento) meets the Qin Dynasty’s young emperor, Eisei (Yoshizawa Ryo), who bears a striking resemblance to a late friend he once made a promise with — to become the country’s commander-in-chief. The road to achieving that dream is long and difficult, but with the help of Karyoten (Hashimoto Kanna) and Yotanwa (Nagasawa Masami), fate is steadily guiding him toward China’s unification. At his first battle in the Dakan Plains, he encounters a new companion — Kyokai (Seino Nana) — and is promoted to the rank of General, at last taking strides toward his goals. But, sudden news brings word that Zhao has invaded with a large army. Although Qin is set to engage Zhao with a medley crew of their own soldiers, Ouki (Osawa Takao) — whose name was once known throughout China — is appointed supreme commander by Eisei…

Why has Ouki returned to the battlefield, and what destiny awaits in Bayou? The fight for Shin and his friends’ dreams begins.



  • Eishin as Teru Ren
  • Support Role



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