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Kasane (2018)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2018
Release Date Sep 7, 2018
Runtime 112
Distributor Toho
Licensed No
Native Title 累 ―かさね―


Fuchi Kasane is the daughter of a beautiful, legendary actress. Kasane has excellent acting skills as well, but she is not attractive. She has a hard time due to her unattractiveness. Kasane has lipstick left behind by her late mother. The lipstick holds a strange power. Whenever Kasane applies the lipstick and kisses someone, she takes that person’s face.

Meanwhile, Tanzawa Nina is a beautiful actress with poor acting skills. She meets Kasane Fuchi and their fates change.



  • Dan Rei as Fuchi Sukeyo
  • Support Role



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    January 20, 2024
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