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Kami wa Mikaeri o Motomeru

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Kami wa Mikaeri o Motomeru (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2022
Release Date Jun 24, 2022
Runtime 105
Distributor Parco
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 神は見返りを求める
English Title God Wants a Reward
Alternate Title(s) God Wants Payback


When Tamogami Naoki (Muro Tsuyoshi) meets Kawai Yuri (Kishii Yukino), she’s a nobody in a giant sea of Youtubers constantly stressing over her view count. Feeling pity, he starts assisting in any way he can, and even though her subscribers don’t readily increase, they develop a strong partnership doing their best to move forward. Try as he might, though, Naoki is a good man with bad taste, and his skill can’t give Yuri the boost her videos need — but that all changes when Naoki’s coworker (Wakaba Ryuya) introduces her to popular Youtubers Chorei (Yoshimura Kaito) and Kabigon (Tanri). After a collaboration between them leads to a hit, Yuri gets to know the handsome designer Murakami Allen (Yanagi Shuntaro) and rapidly joins the higher ranks. For Naoki, he just might be left in Yuri’s dust, or will a sprinkle of romance keep him at her side?



  • Tanri as Kabigon
  • Support Role



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