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Ice Cream Fever

“Ice Cream Fever” follows the lives of four women, spanning teens to thirties, intersecting at an ice cream shop. Natsumi (Yoshioka Riho) works there, having given up on her dreams. Saho (Motola Serena), a timid… Read More »Ice Cream Fever

Utau Roku-nin no Onna

The story of two men (Takenouchi Yutaka and Yamada Takayuki) with polar opposite personalities who wander into a village after a car accident and find themselves at the mercy of the six strange but beautiful… Read More »Utau Roku-nin no Onna

Hitori Bocchi Janai

Susume (Iguchi Satoru), a socially awkward dentist, fell in love with the elusive Miyako (Baba Fumika) – a girl full of mystery who eased his worries and made him feel understood, even though it troubled… Read More »Hitori Bocchi Janai

Sayonara Konbanwa

After being dumped by his girlfriend, office worker Yohei (Hagiwara Riku) finds himself in the presence of Aisuke (Kubo Shiori)–a ghost with a high degree of dating inexperience and full of curiosity. After failing to exorcise her from his home, the two begin growing close, but can a relationship between human and ghost work out?