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Kaibutsu no Kikori

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Kaibutsu no Kikori (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2023
Release Date Dec 1, 2023
Runtime 119
Distributor Warner Bros. Japan
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Licensed No
Native Title 怪物の木こり
English Title Lumberjack The Monster
Theme songs:


A series of gruesome serial killings involving a masked perpetrator wearing the mask of the monster from the picture book “The Monster Lumberjack,” who steals human brains.
In the investigation, the name of the only man the perpetrator failed to kill emerges: the lawyer Ninomiya Akira.
However, Ninomiya is actually a cold-blooded psychopath who stops at nothing to achieve his goals, even murder.
As the police work tirelessly to solve the case, and Ninomiya seeks revenge against the culprit, who will uncover the truth first?
Psychopath vs. Serial Killer…
Until the shocking conclusion, this madness won’t stop!!


  • Nanao as Toshiro Arashiko
  • Lead Role



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1 Reviews for Kaibutsu no Kikori

  • chert
    May 28, 2024
    chert’s review – Kaibutsu no Kikori
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