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His (2020)

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His (2020) (2020)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2020
Release Date Jan 24, 2020
Runtime 127
Distributor Phantom Film
Licensed No
Native Title ヒズ
English Title his
Theme songs:


High schooler Igawa Shun (Miyazawa Hio) visits Enoshima during spring break, nearby where Hibino Nagisa (Fujiwara Kisetsu) attends school in Shonan. What initially sparks as a friendship grows into something more, but Nagisa unexpectedly breaks it off as Shun prepares to graduate college.

Eight years later, Shun––now living alone in the countryside––encounters Nagisa once again. His former lover’s emerged from the midst of a divorce and custody battle, his 6 year old daughter Sora in tow, asking for a place to stay. As Shun obliges, steadily becoming more attached to Sora while discovering acceptance within his community, the idea of sharing a future as a family begins to take root. But when Sora’s mother Rena (Matsumoto Wakana) takes her back to Tokyo, involving lawyers and the court, their life together is once again challenged.







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