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Hinomaru Soul: Butaiura no Eiyuu-tachi

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Hinomaru Soul: Butaiura no Eiyuu-tachi (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2021
Release Date Jun 18, 2021
Runtime 115
Distributor Toho
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ヒノマルソウル 〜舞台裏の英雄たち〜
English Title Hinomaru Soul: Backstage Heroes
Alternate Title(s) JUMP!!: The Heroes Behind the GOLD, Hinomaru Soul: Heroes Behind the Scenes


Japan’s ski jumping team is aiming for Japan’s first gold medal in the large hill team event at the Nagano Olympics. There is a man, former national team member Nishikata Jinyua (Tanaka Kei), who is watching the ace Harada’s jump with mixed feelings. Nishikata and Harada competed together at the previous Lillehammer Olympics, but the result was a silver medal, and although Nishikata devoted himself to training, vowing to make up for it four years later, he was not selected for the national team. In the midst of his disappointment, he was asked to participate in the Olympics as a test jumper. And then came the real competition. On the first jump of the team competition, Japan unexpectedly fell back to fourth place. Furthermore, the competition was suspended due to a blizzard. When the possibility of a medal was about to disappear, the judges presented an unprecedented condition: “If all 25 test jumpers fly safely, the competition will be resumed.

In the midst of the treacherous, life-threatening weather, a faint hope of winning the gold medal was entrusted to Nishikata and the other 25 test jumpers…





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