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Grand Maison Paris

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Grand Maison Paris (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year 2024
Release Date Dec 31, 2024
Distributor Toho
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title グランメゾン・パリ
Alternate Title(s) La Grande Maison Paris


Movie release date TBA! Will be released sometime towards the end of 2024.
Time has passed since “Grand Maison Tokyo” earned its three Michelin stars in Japan. Obana Natsuki (Kimura Takuya) and Hayami Rinko (Suzuki Kyoka) have now opened a new restaurant, “Grand Maison Paris,” in the culinary capital of Paris. They are striving to become the first Asians to earn three Michelin stars there. In France, where renowned master chefs fiercely compete, earning three Michelin stars for French cuisine is Obana’s ultimate dream. However, for a chef on foreign soil, even obtaining satisfactory ingredients is a significant challenge, making the dream of earning three Michelin stars seem almost impossible. “Grand Maison Paris” continued to struggle without achieving the desired results. Then, due to a blunder at a gala dinner, he ends up making a promise to his former mentor: if they don’t earn three Michelin stars in the next review, they will close the restaurant and leave France… Once hailed as a charismatic chef, can Natsuki Obana overcome setbacks and the barriers of being in a foreign country to achieve the coveted three Michelin stars with his team?





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