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Gobangiri (2024)

10 stars 1 reviews

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2024
Release Date May 17, 2024
Runtime 129
Distributor Kino Films
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 碁盤斬り
Alternate Title(s) Bushido


Based on a classic rakugo play. A samurai is forced to leave the Han due to a false accusation, and now lives with his daughter Okinu in a poor tenement house in Edo. Despite being poor, he never gave up on his pride or honor. Even when playing the board game Go, which has been a hobby of his for a long time, he always plays the game in a fair manner. After coming to learn about the false accusation, shaken and enraged, he swears to take revenge. Okinu chooses to sacrifice herself in order to carry out the revenge, but…





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1 Reviews for Gobangiri

  • Dinner0801
    May 31, 2024
    Dinner0801’s review – Gobangiri
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