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Kino Films

River’s Edge

High schooler Haruna befriends loner Yamada, and then is drawn into the tangled relationship between him, a model, and the girl who loves him unreasonably.

Nonchan Noriben

Komaki is a thirty-something woman that has had it with her perpetually unemployed aspiring writer husband. Following the divorce, she moves back to her Tokyo-area hometown of Kyojima along with her young daughter, Non-chan. However,… Read More »Nonchan Noriben

Midnight Swan

Nagisa is a transgender woman. Growing up as a man in Hiroshima, Nagisa faces prejudice and is ostracized by the society. She leaves Hiroshima and lives in Tokyo where she works as a dancer in… Read More »Midnight Swan

Nigekireta Yume

Suenaga Shuhei (Mitsuishi Ken), vice principle at a high school in Kitakyushu, is beginning to lose his memory. It becomes evident after his former student (Yoshimoto Miyu) calls after him when he ‘forgets’ the bill… Read More »Nigekireta Yume