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Ghost Book: Obake Zukan

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Ghost Book: Obake Zukan (2022)

8.5 stars 3 reviews

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2022
Release Date Jul 22, 2022
Runtime 113
Distributor Toho
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ゴーストブック おばけずかん
English Title Ghost Book
Theme songs:
  • "Isekai Kongo Daibutokai (feat. Obake)" by Hoshino Gen (main)


Kazuki (Jyo Kairi) and his friends all have a wish they are hoping to fulfill, and the mysterious “Ghost Book” might be what they are looking for… or not. Along with their teacher (Aragaki Yui), the small gang picks up the strange book from a secondhand store and its sketchy shopkeeper (Kamiki Ryunosuke)—but when they try to leave, they discover that the world they have entered is not the one they came from. To make it out, the children and their teacher—aided by a ghost called Zukanbo (Kugimiya Rei)—challenge the realm’s specters, but will they be able to change fate and have their wish granted?





Theme Song 1

  • Hoshino Gen
  • "Isekai Kongo Daibutokai (feat. Obake)" (Main)
  • "異世界混合大舞踏会 (feat. おばけ)"

Theme Song 2

Theme Song 3

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3 Reviews for Ghost Book: Obake Zukan

  • chihayadayo
    July 24, 2023
    chihayadayo’s review – Ghost Book: Obake Zukan
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  • Incubo
    August 12, 2023
    Incubo’s review – Ghost Book: Obake Zukan
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  • Abdul Rahman Abdullah
    May 4, 2024
    a fun fantasy for the family

    When Japan has the budget to do fantasy, it does it really well. It was fast paced & fun. I wish it was a series/two-parter so that we can explore the characters & yokai more especially gakky’s & kamiki’s character. But overall an enjoyable watch.

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