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Chinmoku no Kantai

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Chinmoku no Kantai (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2023
Release Date Sep 29, 2023
Runtime 113
Distributor Toho
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 沈黙の艦隊
English Title The Silent Service
Theme songs:
  • "DIGNITY" by Ado (main)


A Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine collided with a U.S nuclear submarine in a maritime accident and sank near the waters of Japan. It is reported that all 76 people on board, including the captain Kaieda Shiro, were killed, but the truth is the accident was a cover-up in order for them to crew the Seabat, a high-performance nuclear submarine which had been built in secret by both the Japanese and U.S governments. The Seabat, which became a part of the U.S. fleet, had Captain Kaeda Kaihata appointed as its commanding officer, known for his exceptional ship-handling skills in the Maritime Self-Defense Force. However, Kaeda loads a nuclear missile into the Seabat, and suddenly rebelled, fleeing, after which he declared the independent combat nation “Yamato” to the world, with Kaeida as head of state. The United States recognizes Yamato as a nuclear terrorist and thus assembles its Pacific Fleet in order to sink it. Also following on the Yamada’s trail is the The MSDF diesel ship, “Tatsunami”, lead by its captain Fukamachi Hiroshi…



  • Ueto Aya as Ichigaya Hiromi
  • Support Role



Theme Song 1

  • Ado
  • "DIGNITY" (Main)

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