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Boku to Kanojo to Rally to

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Movie / Boku to Kanojo to Rally to /

Boku to Kanojo to Rally to (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2021
Release Date Oct 1, 2021
Runtime 105
Distributor Aeon Entertainment, Starcat
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 僕と彼女とラリーと
English Title Me, Her, and Rally


Taiga Kitamura hails from Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. As the name implies, cars are important and his father, an award-winning mechanic, runs Kitamura Works on the outskirts of the city. Despite this proud lineage, Taiga left home for Tokyo where he wants to become an actor. Part of his decision was resentment over what he saw as a lack of care from his father, especially when his mother died. When Taiga receives news that his father has died, he returns home with mixed feelings but he becomes interested in racing rally cars after meeting his father’s employees and they tell him more about his old man.





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