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Kisaragi Station

What is Kisaragi Station? Kisaragi Station is a ghost story that first appeared on the internet message board “2channel” in 2004, in the form of a first-person story narrated by the person experiencing it. The… Read More »Kisaragi Station

My Daddy

Since the death of his wife eight years prior, Mido Kazuo (Muro Tsuyoshi) has raised their daughter, Hikari (Nakada Noa), on his own. As a middle schooler heading into adolescence, there are times she is… Read More »My Daddy

Omoide Shashin

When Yuko’s (Fukagawa Mai) grandmother passes away, her only family, she returns to Toyama from Tokyo, dashing her dream of becoming a makeup artist. Frustrated that her late grandmother’s portrait is out of focus, she… Read More »Omoide Shashin