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Zenigata Keibu ~Shinku no Sousa File~

Drama / Zenigata Keibu ~Shinku no Sousa File~ /

Zenigata Keibu ~Shinku no Sousa File~ (2017)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2017
Air Dates Feb 10, 2017 – Mar 3, 2017
Episodes 4
Timeslot Friday
Network(s) Hulu JP
Licensed No
Native Title 銭形警部 真紅の捜査ファイル
English Title Inspector Zenigata ~Crimson Investigation Files~


After witnessing her parents’ murder, Yamagishi Sara is so traumatised she can’t speak. With the killer hunting her down, her only hope is for Zenigata to protect her, and for Sakuraba to find them before the killer silences them both for good.





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