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Tanshin Hanabi

Drama / Tanshin Hanabi /

Tanshin Hanabi (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2023
Air Dates Oct 14, 2023 – Dec 9, 2023
Episodes 9
Runtime 30
Timeslot Saturday at 11:00 pm
Network(s) TV Asahi
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 単身花日 桜木舜の単身赴任・鹿児島
English Title Single Flower Day
Alternate Title(s) 単身花日
Theme songs:
  • "Zettai Zetsumei" by WEST (main)


A love suspense series depicting the forbidden love between four people.
Sakuragi Shun is a salesman who works for Sunbath Home Housing, a house manufacturing company. He enjoys a happy life at home with his wife and daughter. Due to a sudden personnel change, he was assigned to transfer to Kagoshima, a city he was familiar with from his junior high school days. There, for the first time in 17 years, he is reunited with his first love Takeda Hana. She works as a junior high school teacher, while her husband who works as first mate, spends most of the year at sea, so she usually lives alone. While reminiscing the bittersweet memories of their high school days together, a hidden Pandora’s box begins to open…
Furthermore, sparks also fly with Katoyama Naoya, Shun’s friend and former love rival from their junior high school days, who now works for another company in the same industry. Although Shun has a beloved wife, the flames of jealousy quietly flare up.
Meanwhile, Sakuragi Shun’s wife is trying to suppress her anxiety. Based on their phone calls and emails, she becomes suspicious that her husband is cheating on her, and in order to eliminate her fears, she takes a trip to visit him in Kagoshima.
As the slight lies begin to pile up, the truth becomes complicated, and when the lies are exposed, how will the relationship between the four of them change?





Theme Song 1

  • WEST
  • "Zettai Zetsumei" (Main)
  • "絶体絶命"

Theme Song 2

Theme Song 3

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