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Shudan Sasen!!

Drama / Shudan Sasen!! /

Shudan Sasen!! (2019)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2019
Air Dates Apr 21, 2019 – Jun 23, 2019
Episodes 10
Network(s) TBS
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 集団左遷!!
English Title Everyone's Demoted!!
Alternate Title(s) Group Demotion


Hiroshi Kataoka works at a bank. He receives a promotion to manager of the Kamata branch. He is also informed that the Kamata branch will be shut down and he does not have to work hard. After the branch’s shutdown, he will work again at the bank’s headquarters. Hiroshi Kataoka is embarrassed by the situation. He sees the branch employees work hard and they do not know the branch will close. Hiroshi Kataoka is conflicted between his job and his employees.





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