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Shinya no Dame Koi Zukan

Drama / Shinya no Dame Koi Zukan /

Shinya no Dame Koi Zukan (2018)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2018
Air Dates Oct 6, 2018 – Dec 8, 2018
Episodes 10
Network(s) TV Asahi
Licensed No
Native Title 深夜のダメ恋図鑑
English Title The Guide to Late Night Bad Love


Madoka Koga, who maintains her fierce attitude from her delinquent days, but is still a virgin; Chiyo Fukuma, a woman who treats shoujo manga as bibles for romance; and Sawako Chidori, a woman who can’t help but always fall for poor excuses for men. The story centers on the three women who meet each other while carousing at night, telling each other bad stories of men they have met or dated.





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