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Perfect Propose

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Perfect Propose (2024)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2024
Air Dates Feb 2, 2024 –
Episodes 6
Timeslot Friday
Network(s) FOD
Official Site
Native Title パーフェクトプロポーズ
Theme songs:


Watari Hirokuni (played by Shunya Kaneko), a salaryman, is pressured by his power-harassing boss and overwhelmed by his job, leading him to live sleepless nights. One day, he is suddenly approached by a mysteriously beautiful young man.  It turns out to be Fukaya Kai (played by Kouta Nomura), a close friend from middle school days. About ten years have passed since then, and the now-adult Kai appears before Hirokuni. Claiming to have nowhere to live, Kai crashes at Hirokuni’s place and starts cooking meals every day, making it a condition for their cohabitation.



  • Iwase Ryo as Chief Sato
  • Support Role
  • Hirokuni's Boss



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