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Ojisan ga Watashi no Koi wo Oen Shite Imasu

Drama / Ojisan ga Watashi no Koi wo Oen Shite Imasu /

Ojisan ga Watashi no Koi wo Oen Shite Imasu (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2022
Air Dates Feb 14, 2022 – Apr 4, 2022
Episodes 8
Runtime 30
Timeslot Monday at 10:00 pm
Network(s) Tokyo MX
Official Site
Licensed Yes
Native Title おじさんが私の恋を応援しています(脳内
English Title Ojisan is Cheering for My Love (In My Brain)
Theme songs:


Miyashita Matsuri works at a company in the accounting department, and is in love with a handsome prince. One day, a sudden accident brings the old man who saved her into her consciousness! A family-oriented office worker who has worked in sales for 30 years, he starts commenting on Matsuri’s daily life.

What will happen to Matsuri’s love life as cohabitating in her brain begins to occur? And what is the secret hidden between the uncle and the prince?





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