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Oishii Kyushoku Season 2

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Oishii Kyushoku Season 2 (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2021
Air Dates Oct 13, 2021 – Dec 15, 2021
Episodes 10
Runtime 30
Timeslot Wednesday
Network(s) Tokyo MX
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title おいしい給食 Season2
English Title School Meals Time Season 2
Alternate Title(s) Oishi Kyushoku Season 2


Season 2.
It’s no exaggeration that Aramida Yukio comes to school for the lunches. While teaching third-grade students at Kibinago Junior High, he spends his days enjoying his favorite lunches. It has been two years since Aramida transferred to teach at a new junior high school. He is still a strict teacher who is tough towards his students. All he thinks about is the school lunch and obsessively checks the menu every morning. This time, a transfer student joins the class he is in charge of. Aramida is horrified to discover it is Kumino Go, a student he had previously been involved with in a school lunch showdown.
A school gourmet comedy that depicts the battle between school lunch fanatics Aramida Yukio, a teacher, and Kumino Go, a student.





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