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Miwa-san Narisumasu

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Drama / Miwa-san Narisumasu /

Miwa-san Narisumasu (2023)

9 out of 10 (1 reviews)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2023
Air Dates Oct 16, 2023 – Dec 7, 2023
Episodes 32
Runtime 15
Timeslot Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 10:45 pm
Network(s) NHK
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ミワさんなりすます
English Title Impersonator Miwa-san
Alternate Title(s) Miwa-san The Great Pretender


Based on the manga of Aoki Yuhei. Kubota Miwa is a part-timer who is also a movie buff, and adores the popular actor Yatsumi Takashi. One day, when she finds out he is looking for a housekeeper at his home, she can’t contain her curiosity and goes there, only for Yatsumi to mistakenly misinterpret her as the new housekeeper. Unable to resist the temptation of being in the same house as the actor she idolizes, she steps in to work as the “pretend” housekeeper without confessing who she is…



  • Rei as Yuki
  • Support Role



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1 Reviews for Miwa-san Narisumasu

  • Arno
    December 30, 2023
    minispace’s review – Miwa-san Narisumasu
    Is this helpful?

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