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Kurosagi (2006)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2006
Air Dates Apr 14, 2006 – Jun 23, 2006
Episodes 11
Network(s) TBS
Licensed No
Native Title クロサギ
English Title The Black Swindler


Kurosaki, A.K.A. Kurosagi, is a crook who targets professional crooks. He defrauds money and gives it to the victims; he never keeps it for himself. His father was once set up by a crook and planned a family suicide. Kurosagi managed to save his life but lost his whole family. The crook was Toshio Katsuragi – the mastermind of all crooks. Despite knowing what Toshio did to his father, Kurosagi buys information off of him to capture other crooks. Is there a way to free our world of crooks?





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