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Kenji Onijima Heihachiro

Drama / Kenji Onijima Heihachiro /

Kenji Onijima Heihachiro (2010)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2010
Air Dates Oct 22, 2010 – Dec 3, 2010
Episodes 7
Runtime 54
Timeslot Friday at 9:00 pm
Network(s) TV Asahi
Licensed No
Native Title 検事・鬼島平八郎
English Title Public Prosecutor Onijima Heihachiro
Alternate Title(s) Kenji Onijima Heihachirou


44-year-old newcomer, Onijima Heihachiro (Hamada Masatoshi), has come to work for the District Public Prosecutor’s Office. Although his history includes drifting in and out of jobs, he manages to keep his footing around an elite crew of colleagues––all the while raising his late sister’s children. An optimist to boot, he will never yield in the face of pressure, sticking to what he feels is right despite colliding with judiciary etiquette. And so, beginning with a small embezzlement case, Onijima strikes a challenge against the evil of politics lurking in the shadows…





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