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Ikukyuu Deka

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Drama / Ikukyuu Deka /

Ikukyuu Deka (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2023
Air Dates Apr 18, 2023 – Jun 20, 2023
Episodes 10
Runtime 45
Timeslot Tuesday at 10:00 pm
Network(s) NHK
Licensed No
Native Title 育休刑事
English Title Maternity Leave Detective
Alternate Title(s) いくきゅうデカ, Ikukyu Keiji
Theme songs:


A light mystery in which Akizuki Haruto, a police detective currently on childcare leave, ends up solving cases through hints he notices through raising his son.

Akizuki Haruto, a detective on childcare leave, and his wife Saki are struggling to raise their 4 month-old son Ren. One day, Haruto is taken hostage in a robbery while out with his forensic doctor sister Kyoko. He secretly calls Prefectural Police Headquarters, Investigation Division 1, where he works, and waits for the incident to be resolved. However, Ren’s poop and milk time comes regardless of the situation…



  • Maeda Atsuko as Yoshino Kyoko
  • Support Role
  • Haruto's Older Sister
  • Kitano Kie as Akizuki Saki
  • Support Role
  • Haruto's Wife
  • Kizuki as Asanuma Sho
  • Support Role
  • Sonim as Kaibara Saeko
  • Support Role
  • Atsugiri Jason as Billy / William Macintosh
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 8



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