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Hero (2001)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2001
Air Dates Jan 8, 2001 – Mar 19, 2001
Episodes 11
Runtime 54
Timeslot Monday at 9:00 pm
Network(s) Fuji TV
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title ヒーロー
Alternate Title(s) Hero Season 1
Theme songs:


Kuryu Kohei is a former juvenile delinquent who drops out of junior high and goes on to earn a high school equivalency diploma. After passing the law board exams, he turns his life around and becomes a public prosecutor. However, Kuryu is not your typical prosecutor, and likes to take on the job in his own way.

Amamiya Maiko is a sharp-witted paralegal who has her eyes set on passing the exam to become a public prosecutor and is always trying her best to get herself noticed by her boss. Kuryu ends up transfered to Amamiya’s division and becomes invested in the possibility of promotion. His unprecedented work behavior however earns him some setbacks.

Although his methods are unconventional, and he earns a reputation as a bad apple, Kuryu’s strong pursuit of justice slowly begins to have an effect on things around him.


  • Kajihara Zen as Urushiyama Tamotsu
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 4
  • Kaneda Akio as Masaki Shintaro
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 7
  • Toji Takao as Matsubara Shigehiko
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 7
  • Sunaga Kei as Yoshiike Mitsuo
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 7
  • Sato Ryuta as Akatsuka Yuichi
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 7
  • Saito Ayumu as Honma Yoshiki
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 8
  • Ryo as Tono Kaoru
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 9
  • Anan Kenji as Ishimoto
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 10
  • Toda Keiko as Moriwaki Kanako
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 11
  • Kubo Akira as Hashimoto
  • Guest Role
  • Episode(s): 11



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1 Reviews for Hero

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    April 29, 2023
    IamFish’s review – Hero
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