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Hatsu Joji Made Ato 1 Jikan

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Drama / Hatsu Joji Made Ato 1 Jikan /

Hatsu Joji Made Ato 1 Jikan (2021)

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Country Japan
Season Year Summer 2021
Air Dates Jul 23, 2021 – Sep 10, 2021
Episodes 12
Network(s) MBS
Official Site
Licensed Yes
Licensor Link(s)
Native Title 初情事まであと1時間
English Title 60 Minutes Until The First Love Affair


Often the tenderest – and sometimes the most awkward – of all moments in a couple’s relationship is the 60 minutes before they make love for the first time. This omnibus drama series follows the exploits of different couples of various ages and from all sorts of walks of life as, with a blend of adventure, anticipation, lust, and trepidation, they navigate the often-tense last minutes before they have sex for the first time.



  • Kudo Asuka as Takayama Satoshi
  • Lead Role
  • Episode(s): 1
  • Shuri as Tsukiko
  • Lead Role
  • Episode(s): 7
  • Otomo Karen as Komozawa Mamiko
  • Lead Role
  • Episode(s): 8
  • Miura Toko as Sablé Hato
  • Lead Role
  • Episode(s): 10



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