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Dou Suru Ieyasu

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Drama / Dou Suru Ieyasu /

Dou Suru Ieyasu (2023)

9 out of 10 (5 reviews)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2023
Air Dates Jan 8, 2023 – Dec 17, 2023
Episodes 48
Runtime 45
Timeslot Sunday at 8:00 pm
Network(s) NHK
Licensed No
Native Title どうする家康
English Title What Would You Do, Ieyasu?


The drama will portray the life of the legendary general Ieyasu Tokugawa (January 31st, 1543 – June 1st, 1616). Born as Takechiyo, the son of a poor low-level daimyo, Tokugawa lost his father at an early age after he was slain in battle. He grew up alone, away from his mother, and unsure about his future. Things take a dramatic turn when he encounters the young daimyo Oda Nobunaga. Dou Suru Ieyasu will be NHK’s 62nd Taiga drama series.

The planned end-date is December 2023.


  • Muro Tsuyoshi as Hashiba Hideyoshi / Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  • Support Role
  • Abe Hiroshi as Takeda Shingen/Takeda Harunobu
  • Support Role
  • Okabe Dai as Hiraiwa Chikayoshi
  • Support Role
  • Sato Ryuta as Toyotomi Hidenaga / Hashiba Hidenaga
  • Support Role
  • Kitaro as Tarao Mitsutoshi
  • Support Role
  • Denden as Saisho Joutai
  • Support Role
  • Hasegawa Mio as Okiku
  • Support Role
  • Akanemaru's Younger Sister
  • Maiko as Gou
  • Support Role
  • TAKAHIRO as Naoe Kanetsugu
  • Support Role



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