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Drama / Chimudondon /

Chimudondon (2022)

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Country Japan
Season Year Spring 2022
Air Dates Apr 11, 2022 – Sep 23, 2022
Episodes 120
Runtime 15
Timeslot Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Network(s) NHK
Official Site
Affiliate Link(s) Buy from CDJapan
Licensed No
Native Title ちむどんどん
Alternate Title(s) Excited Feelings (Okinawan Dialect)


Higa Nobuko (Kuroshima Yuina) lives with her family in Hinabita Village on Okinawa’s main island in the 1960s. They ran a sugar cane farm. At that time, the island was still under the American troops. The second daughter of four children (Ryusei Ryo, Kawaguchi Haruna, Kamishiraishi Moka), Nobuko is the one in the family who loves eating delicious food. One day, her heart is stolen by her first taste of Western cuisine on the only occasion when the whole family eats at a restaurant in town. However, her kind father Kenzo (Omori Nao) suddenly passes away, leaving her mother Yuko (Nakama Yukie) to work and raise four children on her own. They are financially strapped and the children are each put in charge of a household chore to help their mother. Nobuko is responsible for their meals. After graduating from high school, she dreams of going to Tokyo and becoming a Western cuisine chef. With the support of her family and siblings, Nobuko heads to Tokyo in a dream come true.



  • Omori Nao as Higa Kenzo
  • Support Role
  • Nobuko's father
  • Ryusei Ryo as Higa Kenshu
  • Support Role
  • Nobuko's older brother
  • Takada Kaho as Maeda Sanae
  • Support Role
  • Zenichi’s daughter / Nobuko’s friend
  • Iitoyo Marie as Ono Ai
  • Support Role
  • Kazuhiko’s girlfriend



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