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35-Sai no Shoujo

Drama / 35-Sai no Shoujo /

35-Sai no Shoujo (2020)

7 out of 10 (3 reviews)

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Country Japan
Season Year Fall 2020
Air Dates Oct 10, 2020 – Dec 12, 2020
Episodes 10
Runtime 54
Timeslot Saturday at 10:00 pm
Network(s) NTV
Official Site
Licensed No
Native Title 35歳の少女
English Title 35-Year Old Girl
Alternate Title(s) 35sai no Shojo
Theme songs:


In 1995, 10-year-old Imamura Nozomi had a freak accident and went into a long coma. Her family (Tanaka Tetsushi, Suzuki Honami, Hashimoto Ai) fell apart and her first love Hirose Yuto (Sakaguchi Kentaro) gave up his dream. Each of them live lonely lives in the present. Only her mother believed that she would miraculously come back from the dead and kept watch over her. After 25 years, Nozomi (Shibasaki Kou), regains consciousness in 2020. While her body is that of a 35-year-old, she still behaves like a 10-year-old child. Nozomi is bewildered by the world that has changed completely but she lives in the future. To hide his lack of confidence, Yuto protects himself by being critical of other people and behaving condescendingly. But when he meets Nozomi again, he begins to re-examine his life and develops feelings for her again..



  • Tomita Yasuko as Imamura Kana
  • Support Role
  • Shinji's wife, Nozomi's step-mother
  • Ryusei Ryo as Imamura Tatsuya
  • Support Role
  • Shinji's son, Kana's stepson
  • Otomo Karen as Hayashida Fujiko
  • Support Role
  • Hideo's girlfriend
  • Abe Kurea as Tokioka Manami
  • Support Role
  • Young



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3 Reviews for 35-Sai no Shoujo

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