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Giggly Box

Minna Ikiteiru: Futatsume no Tanjoubi

Once a strong contender for national competition, karate instructor Hiyama Daisuke’s (Higuchi Daigo) life is upturned when he receives a devastating leukemia diagnosis. His one hope rests in a bone marrow transplant—something Sakurai Michiko (Matsumoto Wakana) could provide if it weren’t for her family being set against it…


Set along the river basin of Shimane Prefecture’s Takatsu River, a government-protected river, this drama portrays various people living in an area burdened by decreasing population as they carry on the tradition of “Kagura” Shinto… Read More »Tatsugawa

Sukutte Goran

Makoto Kashiba is an elite bank clerk and works for a big bank at its Tokyo HQ. Due to a minor mistake, he is demoted to a small branch office in a country town. He… Read More »Sukutte Goran


Tomoatsu Godai has the spirit of a warrior and the talents of a merchant. He was born in the Satsuma domain. He worked as a Meiji government officer and became a businessman. He laid the… Read More »Tengaramon