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Yudo e no Michi

Special / Yudo e no Michi /

Yudo e no Michi (2023)

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Country Japan
Season Year Winter 2023
Air Dates Feb 16, 2023 – Feb 16, 2023
Episodes 1
Runtime 98
Timeslot Thursday
Network(s) Amazon Prime
Licensed No
Native Title 映画「湯道」アナザーストーリー 湯道への道
Alternate Title(s) 湯道への道, Yudou e no Michi


The interest in yudo — an artform that has been around for 400 years — is dwindling, and the state of it has trapped the last master of the craft (Kubota Masataka) in a deep despair. But just as he decides to end his life, a crook (Ikuta Toma) looking for a quick hideout (and potentially another place to rob!) saves him. To explain his presence, the swindler takes on the pretense of a yudo noob who is extraordinarily moved by it. Unable to back out, he reluctantly follows the mopey master down a trail that hooks them into making a movie about yudo — but, between the two of them, it’s for very different reasons.





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